It’s the Pits!

I don’t know about you but I’m still left scratching my head as to how on earth Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton could have pulled into the wrong pit-stop for a tyre change during the Malaysian Grand Prix. No doubt McLaren’s team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, still hasn’t been able to wipe the grin off his face. He was quoted in the papers as saying: “Well at that stage of the race I was laughing. I still have a very good relationship with Lewis and I'm sure I'll give him a bit of grief about

Ayrton Senna

Arguably The best racer, driver, champion in Formula 1 that ever existed.  Ayrton’s natural talent, focus and intensity gave him 3 championship titles against a highly competitive era including Prost, Mansell, and Piquet.   In 1994, San Marino GP, Ayrton was involved in a fatal accident that made him a martyr.  He will forever be remembered as the king before Schumacher assumed the reign. 

Michael Schumacher

Probably the greatest driver in Formula 1.  Michael started his career with Jordan and was driving for Flavio's Benetton team the following season.  Martin Brundle was his team mate at the time.  Schuey won 2 titles starting in 94 and 95 and then moved to an uncompetitive Scuderia Ferrari with his crew of Ross Brawn, Rory Bryne and Nigel Stepney.  In 2000, he took 5 consecutive titles beating Kimi in 2003 by one point.  Schumi's taken more poles than Senna and more Championship title's than

Fernando Alonso

The man who retired Michael Schumacher in 2007, beat Kimi in a faster but Fragile McLaren in 2005.  The youngest Formula 1 Double World Champion from Spain. Alonso started his career in Minardi under Adrian Campos' management before being snapped up by Flavio Briatore to be a Renault F1 test driver for a year before taking a driver position alongside Trulli and then Fisichella.  After winning a double championships with Renault he went to Mclaren alongside Lewis Hamilton.  Finishing on equal

Max was warned of the plot

Apparently Bernie warned Max Mosely of the plot to bring him down as president of the FIA.  So who dunnit?  Was it Mclaren?  They would have a strong incentive after Stepneygate but they staunchly denied it. Was it the News of the World?  Afterall, the FIA had a go at the Times Online and Martin Brundle.  Back to Bernie again.  But then Bernie warned Max beforehand, so was behing the Moselygate plot?  Answers in an email please.

FIA want to create rival series to GP2

GP2 owned by Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore is under threat from a rival series to be created by the FIA as a direct feeder series for Formula 1.  Honestly, who wants it?  Will the sponsors care?  Do the fans want it? Do the team owners want it? Probably not to all questions.  I see this as just another attack on Bernie by the FIA.  There simply is no need for another feeder series that nobody will care about.  Given the draconian behaviour we've seen, I doubt the rival series to the

What’s wrong with Lewis?

As Damon Hill helpfully alluded, if the press and the fans can't be bothered to offer support then he might ask 'Why bother?'. Well, he hasn't had a great time of it recently, first having a penalty for crashing into Kimi at the Canadian GP which was thoroughly deserved and then a drive through penalty in the French GP for cutting a corner in order to maintain an advantage in overtaking Sebastian Vettel - again totally deserved.  So what's his problem.  Well - as Coulthard pointed out - Kimi and

Provisional 2009 calendar

Note no US GP in 2009

Provisional 2009 calendar:


29 March – Australia

5 April – Malaysia

19 April – Bahrain

10 May – Spain

24 May – Monaco

7 June – Canada

21 June – Great Britain

28 June – France

12 July – Germany

26 July – Hungary

9 August – Turkey

23 August – Europe (Valencia)

6 September – Italy

13 September- Belgium

27 September – Singapore

11 October – Japan

18 October – China

1 November – Brazil

15 November – Abu Dhabi 

Massa inherits the French GP win

Kimi was comfortably leading the race from the go, until in the later stages of the race the right exhaust on Raikkonen's car fell off and was hanging by a cable which eventually flew off. Amazingly, despite the loss of engine power kimi managed to flick a few switches and manage the changeable car to secure a Ferrari 1-2, albeit in the incorrect order, at Magny-Cours. Trulli came in third fending off Heikki and Robert Kubica, avenging the mistake he made years ago which allowed Barrichello to over